Ceiling of Tabgatabaiha house

Tabātabāei House is a historic house located in Kashan city and was built during Qajar dynasty by one of the famous merchants from Kashan.
This house has several sections, each of those ornamented differently and uniquely by using various types of art and architecture such as stuccos and stained glasses.

This house is an example of houses which merchants from kashan built for their families and lived in it.
After Nasir Almolk mosque,this was the second place that I saw windows with stained glasse are widely used.
Apart from that,the Stucco ornaments in this house are unique.
In yard’s walls there are different shapes of stucco ornaments all around and when you enter into the yard,they will freeze you instantly.
In this photos I showed you the passing of light through the stained glasses and ceiling’s stucco works from one of the rooms.

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