Dolat abad

Dolat Abad Garden in Yazd was built in 18th century during the Afshari era, and similar to other Iranian houses, has two inward and outward sections. The outward part includes gardens and beautiful spaces which can be noticed on the entrance way. The existence of inward sections in Iranian houses represents a concept in Iranian architecture which provides a privacy for the family as opposed to the outward which is more exposed.
A distinguished building in this complex is a windward located in the inward of the garden. Windward is a tower on the roof of houses in desert areas for ventilation and natural air-conditioning. The applied symmetrical molding ornaments and colorful glasses in this edifice are exceptional.

The most important thing that got my attention in this garden was windward building.there is a pool in the middle of the building and when wind comes from the windward toward the pool,it causes to water to evaporate and cooling the environment.

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