Soltan Amir Ahmad bath

Soltan Amir Ahmad Bath is located in the city of Kashan. This bath dates back to
Seljuk era, and some sections are attributed to Qajar era as well.
Of note about this monument are the astonishing molding ornaments and the
application of a thick plaster made with lime and mortar..

For photographing this bath,I went there for several times and sat on it’s couches for hours.
I tried to choose an hour which artificial lights were off in it and the only light source would be the one which comes from the holes in the ceiling.You can see the result in the picture.
An interesting fact that I found out about this bath was that it’s heat source was only a small flame and under the bath there was advanced channels which transfered smoke and heat.
Also this bath was sort of a heat Insulator which didn’t let the heat to find a way to go out if the bath

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