Vakil Bath

Little Planet View of Vakil Bathhouse

Vakil bath is located on the west of Vakil mosque in city of Shiraz and belongs to Zand dynasty.
This building was not used only for bathing but it also served as a place for social activities where people could gather around its Howz, which is a centrally positioned symmetrical axis pool in Iranian architecture.
The amazing symmetry in the architecture and use of limestone for its embellishments make this bath one of a kind.

The most liked feature of this structure, is the paintings on walls and ceilings of persian mythological characters.
Inside is dark like most other baths and light comes through the small windows of it’s ceiling.
As this photo is a stretched panoramic photo, I had to get the necessary permits and stand in the middle of the deep bath to take an all-around photo and then connect them together.

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