Private Palace of cyrus the great

Pasargadae, the capital of Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great, is located in 130 km distance from Shiraz city on its northeast.
Cyrus the Great issued its construction (529–550 BC) after his victory over Astyages the last king of the Median Empire.
This complex is well known for its most famous monument, the tomb of Cyrus, but it also includes the prison of Solomon, Pasargadae Palace and citadel.

Royal palace of Cyrus with an area of 3427 km2 is one of the largest palaces of Pasargadae. The creeks in the surroundings of this palace indicate the existence of Persian gardens in this area.
In the photograph we see the remnants of the Audience Hall of the palace with 30 white columns. Plenty of black and white stones were used in this buildings structure.

When I was taking this photo, for a moment I was stunned and lay on the ground for several minutes, staring at the sky, imagining I was there thousands of years ago, at the time that Cyrus the great lived with his council, ruling the greatest empire of all time; Persia.

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