Tomb of Hafez , Shiraz

Hafez is the reputable Iranian poet of 14th century, whose tomb is located in the city of Shiraz. The tomb dates back to 14th century, however, it has been considerably remodeled and renovated throughout these years. What can be found therein today has been designed and built by Andre Gudar –French architect- and Ali Sami, Iranian archeologist.
This place not only embraces Hafez’s tomb, it includes several other sections such as the tomb of other well-known individuals, several gardens, and a cistern.

In this photo you can see The Tomb of Hafez and his headstone.
Contrary to this picture, this place is always very busy. Particularly in the late afternoons and evenings,
This is a popular site for visitors, you have poets and poetry enthusiasts, gathering of friends, in addition couples on a romantic outing, wanting to be together and recite Hafez’s romantic poems to each other.
I used a Fish eye lens to take this photo, on a day that the two popular teams of Iran were playing football and most people were at home watching football, so it was much quieter.

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